Discussing “reports,” sharing research, project update (10.30.14)

For today, we said we would:
  • Scan Ch 18, Writing Lab Reports and read Ch. 19, Writing Recommendation Reports (Ch 16, Writing Proposals and Ch. 17, Writing Informational Reports carried over from last time)
  • Write invitations for interviews
  • Try to find other program/departments on campus (or other campuses that have done this.) See if they’ve written about it.
  • See what you can find out about best practices (set up and materials) for a lab


  • Have you gotten set up to use the Google Drive (and provided me with that email address?)
  • Have you gotten together as a team? Have you reached out for an interview?
  • What did you learn about reports from the readings we did for the last two classes?
Here’s what I found! Some research, and an update!

This update does NOT nullify your project, or the need for it. (We have no idea what she will fund, so that grant could literally mean a DREAM lab, still! It’s just now we know someone is actually interested in our argument regarding this need, which is wonderful.)

What did you bring? (Add links by commenting on this page, or the job 4 page, as you like! I’ll build new sections on the Job 4 page for us as we go.)
What needs to be done between now and Tuesday? What’s our meeting plan for next time? (How many of you have interviews scheduled?)

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